The Marble Universe

Client | LUSH

LUSH Marble Univers Banner.jpg

A world in flux between solid and liquid


Just add water

Lush are always cooking up something fresh & fragrant. This time a whole new range of products dubbed Naked – a very accurate name. Shower gels, sparkle jars, body conditioners, and more all in solid form, no packaging needed. Just add water and they turn nice and liquidy.

They launched these to the world during their annual Creative Showcase event and kindly asked us to create mesmerising motion to express this unique barrier-free fluidity.


Shower thoughts

The marble universe is a snapshot of a feeling. That peaceful moment in the shower early in the morning. Some minutes all to yourself, mesmerised by fragrant lather and warmth, before the day starts properly.


Flexible fluidity

The marble universe flowed onto many kinds of media. Event screens, social media, and in poster form at LUSH’s London Oxford Street flagship store. Copy could easily be added to the artwork where needed, with the marble universe staying just as recognisable and easy on the eyes.



Client | LUSH